Redis Desktop Manager 1.0

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Key Features

Always at hand

Redis Desktop Manager is a GUI app available for Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu and Debian.

Works with BIG databases

Do you have over 1 Million keys in redis? It's not a problem.

SSH tunnel support

Connect to the Redis directly or via SSH tunnel

Clouds ready!

Redis Desktop Manager works with redis clouds


Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM)— is a cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). Redis Desktop Manager developed to replace a hundreds of slow and ugly tools for redis.

This is an early beta version of Redis Desktop Manager, that we are publishing in a hope to validate usefulness of application. We really welcome your feedback! Please submit any issues and proposals to GitHub.

Download Redis Desktop Manager v.0.7.6

Other Features

Tree view

View a list of all keys and switch between databases with one click.

Redis Console

Run commands easily on any remote or local redis server

View key values

View any value from chosen database.

Local key search

Search keys locally without adding load on Redis.
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Redis Desktop Manager would not be possible without great open-source projects: Redis, Qt, Qxt, libssh2, jsoncpp