Redis Desktop Manager

Cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool

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Key Features

Always at hand

Redis Desktop Manager is a GUI app available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Works with BIG databases

Do you have over 1 Million keys in redis? It's not a problem.

SSH tunnel support

Connect to the Redis directly or via SSH tunnel

Clouds ready!

Redis Desktop Manager works with Amazon ElastiCache, Microsoft Azure Redis Cache and Redis Labs


Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM) — is a fast open source Redis database management application for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

This tool offers you an easy-to-use GUI to access your Redis DB and perform some basic operations: view keys as a tree, CRUD keys, execute commands via shell.

RDM supports SSL/TLS encryption, SSH tunnels, TLS over SSH tunnel (AWS ElastiCache with In-Transit Encryption) and cloud Redis instances such as: Amazon ElastiCache, Microsoft Azure Redis Cache and Redis Labs.

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